My name is Christian Belvidere, and I am a poet. I am not talking about a part-time, “when the mood hits me” type of poet. My creation of poet is an everyday occurrence. If I am not musing over what my next poem will be about, then I am writing it. Some people use their words for bullying, spewing negative thoughts out of their mouths, or putting other down. I feel words are for the complete opposite. I use my words for uplifting others, showing kindness (yes, writing has the ability to show as well as tell), and make the world and mankind better.

I know that sounds cliche, but it is true. Maybe if more people would believe this, human behavior and that behavior towards others wouldn’t be the way it is today. But, enough about this, back to my poetry.

I am not very outgoing, I guess I am what you would call an introvert, so I have learned to express myself through poetry, and I have been doing so since I was young. It is only natural that when I decided to start a blog it would be about poetry. Well, if you are a poet or a fan of poetry, stop back by to see what I have to say.