The Rise of Poetry: Why Poetry Is Experiencing a Resurgence

beowulf-firstpageThere is a unique resurgence worldwide of interest in poetry and poets. This is shared in the growing purchase of poetry books in the publishing markets.

There are a variety of reasons for this:
The internet allows poetry to be discussed and marketed in such a way formerly difficult when you consider the uneconomic nature of poetry posting and poetry critiques, both amateur and academic.

The materialistic 1980s preceded the terrified 1990s. Now in the 21st century, we are questioning where the world is heading. There is no more of the “me” attitude. We are now back to the idea, “The world is bigger than just me.”

From this, a generation is emerging, a contemporary version of the 60’s and 70’s— dreamers and idealists. They desire more than self-help publications, greater than natural solutions and fantasies. There is a return to serious intellectual examination and spiritual actualization.

And by this, I do not mean these folks don’t have any humor. I’m discussing intellectual skills. There are a lot of people who are funny and observant, all the while being obtuse and laughable. There’s a huge distinction. We are moving away from weak ideas to profundity.

In a decade of book-selling, this has actually never ever taken place prior to. Suddenly we are purchasing poetry books once more to satisfy demand, and fetching the slim poetry books we put in boxes in the cellar, to have a unique poetry area.

This shows the revival of interest in the 60s ballad-poets, like Leonard Cohen and Joan Baez. Bob Dylan is talking with the modern generation. Eliot and Hughes are being discussed again. The increase interest in the work of K. Gibran and his Lebanese poetry can’t be fulfilled quick enough. Dylan Thomas is reviewed. There is restored interest in world poetry, including Senegalese, Thai, French, and Swedish poets.